User/ Task/ Environmental Analysis for Assignment 1

User Analysis

Based on audience data about from Google Analytics, most users are new visitors (1,045 Visits), but a significant percentage of users are returning visitors (475 Visits). Users spend an average of one minute and fifty-five seconds on the website and view two to three different pages during their visit. Most users have their web browser language set to US/ English (1,469) or English (17), while a small percentage of users are browsing in China/ Chinese (6), Korean (4), Japanese (3), Taiwan/ Chinese (3), German (2), UK/ English (2), and French (2).

General data about from Alexa ( shows us that our primary users are mainly in the age range of 18-24, more likely to be male than female, to have no children, and to be browsing the site from school (#1) or work (#2) rather than from home.

Our primary users are likely to be potential students at the undergrad and graduate level who have either graduated high school or completed an undergraduate degree. They are also likely to speak english fluently because it is a common requirement for students applying to universities in the United States. Most of our users are located in the US, while some are from East Asian countries, and a few are from European countries. Another group of primary users are in the “returning visitors” group, students who are already a part of the Erickson School and are using the website to obtain information about the program they are enrolled in.

Our secondary users are Erickson School staff, such as professors, who benefit from potential and active students using the website and successfully finding the information they are seeking.

Task Analysis

1. Find information on the faculty of the Erickson School

2. Find a list of courses required for the undergraduate major

3. Find a list of courses required for the Masters program

4. Find when and where the next Executive Development even will be

5. Find a list of internship sites offered by the Erickson School

HTA for “find information on the faculty of the Erickson School”

0. in order to find information on the faculty of the Erickson School

1. open web browser

1.1 search for “umbc erickson school”

1.2 click on the link at (usually the first link)

1.3 navigate directly to

2. click on “About Us” in the main menu

3. click on “Faculty” in the right horizontal menu

4. click on the name of the faculty member you want to know more about

Plan 0: do 1-2-3-4 in that order

Plan 1: do 1.1 and 1.2 or do 1.3

Environmental Analysis

If most of our users are indeed accessing the Erickson School website from school or work it would be prudent to create a redesigned site that is engaging yet also unobtrusive. When not accessing the site in the privacy of one’s own home things like audible feedback, videos, animation, and chaotic or bold design elements can be distracting and annoying rather than exciting or attention getting. Additionally, due to the increasing number of people accessing websites from a mobile device, the way that the site is displayed on mobile devices should be taken into consideration.


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