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Andrew is a 22 year old male currently enrolled in the Erickson School undergraduate program. He is passionate about giving back to the community, having been in the Community Service club in high school, and is close to his immediate family and grandparents, who all reside in the state of Maryland. When he started his freshman year at UMBC he was undeclared, but after taking Aging 100 he was so inspired that he decided to major in Management of Aging Services. He is moderately tech savvy and likes to keep up with new technologies and trends.


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Jessica is a 26 year old female who is considering the Erickson School graduate program. She worked in various fields after graduating with a BA in Sociology and wants to attend graduate school to make herself more marketable to employers. She has done research about the growing population of aging baby boomers and became interested in improving services for that population after seeing her own grandparent’s experiences as they grew older. She doesn’t feel that she knows a lot about technology, but she is skilled at using the internet and commonly used program for school, work, and recreation.


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