Paper Prototyping Experience

I felt that I didn’t gather a lot of meaningful data using this evaluation method. It was difficult to take notes and walk my participants through the tasks with the paper prototypes, and I don’t feel that I was able to make them detailed enough to test all of the potential changes I was interesting in assessing. My main findings were that the submenus contained a lot of options that users would never click on, either because the content would not be interesting to the user, or because the user could not guess what the content might be. I also found that each participant had a different menu organization solution, but most prioritized the buttons for Home, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Careers. Everyone wanted the main menu to be on the left-hand side of the website. My new designs for the Home page, Faculty page, and Internships page were received positively, with all users being able to complete all tasks (1, 2, 6) quickly and without confusion.

Many choices that users are not interested in:




Many potential menu solutions:





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