Personas for Assignment 2


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Billy is a 28 year old college graduate who teaches math to middle school students. He is passionate  about environmental politics and loves spending time outdoors. He started a club at his school for students who are interested in learning about growing food. His city home has very little green space, and he is frequently busy, but he makes an effort to spend time gardening and working on his yard. He likes to use green technology when he works outside, such as rain barrels, composting, and natural pest control.


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Anne is a 35 year old doctoral student who is studying psychology. She often goes hiking and camping with her friends on the weekend, and enjoys outdoor photography. She says she doesn’t really like gardening and, after multiple failures, feels that she isn’t good at it. She wishes she had the time and motivation to learn how to take care of her yard properly, but is very focused on school and work. She is tech savvy and is comfortable trying out new technologies.


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Violet is a 70 year old Professor of Fine Arts who recently retired. She keeps a vegetable garden year round and feels that it’s very important to grow some of her own food and to be able to share it with her friends and neighbors. She has some trouble lifting heavy objects like bags of soil, large plants, and gardening tools. She often asks her children for help with the heavy lifting, but she would like to keep doing her gardening as independently as possible. She is learning how to get more out of her Apple laptop through local classes.


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